Why is cloud mining so popular ?

With the development of digital currency mining, traditional mining methods are becoming less and less suitable for ordinary investors to participate. In the past, computers at home could use CPU to mine, but as more and more people participated, the difficulty of mining became higher and higher, and special graphics card mining machines were needed to mine coins. This prevents ordinary people from mining, and mining opportunities are basically occupied by mine owners and capital giants. However, there are many ways of mining now, one of which is called cloud computing power mining, which allows ordinary investors to also have the opportunity to participate in digital currency mining.


Cloud computing power mining is to mine in the cloud by renting computing power, without buying expensive mining machines or considering issues such as electricity bills, mines, sites, temperature, noise, maintenance and management. Users only need to choose the corresponding cycle and computing power to easily participate in mining. Compared with traditional hardware mining methods, cloud mining is more suitable for the investment standards of small and micro investors. Because the cloud computing power mining platform solves the complex and pitty links such as mining machines, mines, operation and maintenance. Users do not need to purchase mining machines, look for machine slots, and do not need to perform mining operations and maintenance. The platform provides services such as purchasing mining machines, building mines, providing machine locations, operating and maintaining mines, etc., allowing users to participate in digital currency mining more easily and obtain more benefits.

Why is the cloud mining model so popular?

1. The cloud mining mode can reduce the risk of users entering the market . The mine integrates the computing power generated by its own mining machines and sells it to investors . This can be regarded as the securitization of computing power, so that ordinary people can also enjoy the dividends of mining . The profit point of the cloud computing power platform is mainly service fees. By providing computing power to users, it helps users earn income and at the same time charges a small amount of service fees. This helps users save the cumbersome mining machine purchase and maintenance process, and can participate in digital currency mining more conveniently without considering the brand, performance and maintenance of the mining machine.


2. The cloud computing power mining mode can reduce the cost of users and attract more novices to mine . In the cloud computing power mining mode , users only need to purchase computing power, and do not need to purchase additional costs such as mining machines and maintenance equipment, which can reduce the user’s investment threshold. For novice Xiaobai, this saves a series of operations such as buying mining machines, finding mines , and connecting to mining pools .


3. The cloud computing power mining mode can improve the user’s income, because cloud computing power mining usually adopts a more stable and efficient mining pool, and can participate in more digital currency mining, thereby increasing the user’s rate of return.


As mentioned above , the current traditional mining methods require users to purchase graphics card mining machines, build mining farms, manage and maintain them by themselves, and require a lot of capital and technical support. Obviously, it is no longer suitable for ordinary investors to participate. In contrast, cloud computing power mining is the best choice for ordinary small and medium-sized retail investors . And CITEX provides the service of cloud mining. The shareholders of CITEX have been deploying mining projects since 2014. Initially, they deployed the mining industry in the form of funds, and have formed a one-stop complete service chain of procurement, custody, operation and maintenance, and maintenance. . CITEX has launched its own mining brand, SuperData, to deploy mines globally in Kazakhstan, North America, Angola and other places, build a mining business service system, and deeply participate in the layout of the mining industry.


CITEX’s cloud computing power mining service adopts the method of cloud computing, and users can directly participate in mining through smart contracts and obtain digital currency rewards. CITEX has a professional mine management and operation team to provide professional mining pools and management services to provide users with a more stable and efficient digital currency mining experience, truly convenient , efficient, zero-threshold , low-risk , high-yield .

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