StarToken will open the global airdrop on the 20th, 23 online pancakes

StarGlobal is a digital autonomous community formed spontaneously by a group of Metacosmic industry believers. We hope to use the wealth we have gained in SHIB to build a seamless link and low latency satellite network for the Metacosmos. We expect more consensus people to feel the charm of the Metauniverse industry together.

Star original infinite ranking, infinite destruction, infinite loop, The infinite rising value-added mechanism will form a vast sea of stars and light up the consensus of more participants. This new digital system of meta-universe ecological assets will accelerate the realization of the meta-universe dream of human beings going to the sea of stars.

StarToken will launch the Global Community Airdrop program on March 20, 2022, and launch PancakeSwap at 14: 00 (GMT) on 23 March 2022. More than 100 large communities around the world have joined StarGlobal.
StarGlobal welcomes more consensus members to join us and witness the miracle of Star Global’s assets.

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