JPEX launches VISA debit cards on time, and expects to issue physical cards in the fourth quarter

Although cryptocurrencies are an asset with high volatility, investors still regard them as good investment products, especially with the number of cryptocurrencies climbing, more and more traditional investors start to set forth in cryptocurrency areas, and furtherly prompt the healthy development. Regarding the market cap, the total market cap of cryptocurrency just reaches trillions of dollars. Compared with traditional finance, the total market cap of cryptocurrency is relatively small. The cryptocurrency sector still has plenty of room for growth as a potential investment market.

The cryptocurrency market is usually based on the traditional finance market, and cryptocurrency currency products always refer to the model of traditional financial products, and even part of the funds and users are from traditional financial areas. From another respect, cryptocurrencies, as on-chain assets, are fundamentally different from traditional investments. Especially the lack of infrastructure in the crypto industry makes traditional investors hard to reach the threshold of cryptocurrencies.

JPEX is teaming up with Simplex to launch VISA debit card and provide a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution

At the beginning of 2022, renowned cryptocurrency exchange JPEX established a partnership with fiat-crypto payment gateway Simplex by Nuvei, meant to develop a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution, and make users buy cryptocurrencies with debit or credit cards. It can furtherly lower the threshold for traditional investors to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Debit or credit cards are payment vehicles commonly used by traditional financial users. JPEX uses credit debit or credit cards as intermediaries, establishes a gateway between fiat and cryptocurrency via Simplex, and will furtherly promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies everywhere, and help users and money in traditional areas enter the cryptocurrency market.


Recently, JPEX and Simplex furtherly comes to an agreement on two parties’ cooperation details: they decide to launch physical Visa debit cards in the 4th quarter of 2022. Investors can pre-order cards to get registered. With this Visa card, people can invest in cryptocurrency via fiat currency, and use cryptocurrency for payment, which is of vital importance to prompt the development of the cryptocurrency sector.


According to the report, Simplex by Nuvei is the foundation for crypto on-ramp. Simplex is a European Union licensed financial institution that aims to provide simple, seamless and secured channels to convert 100 kinds of fiat currencies into 200 kinds of cryptocurrencies, therefore disrupting the current situation of the crypto market. Simplex is actively supporting new existing contracts in the industry, cultivating, and expanding investors to add new cryptocurrency into portfolios.

JPEX is a world-renowned crypto asset service provider from Australia, maintained by developers from Japan, Australia, the United States, and many other countries together. The IAIA (Ito Arbitrage Investment App) Cryptocurrency Circular Arbitrage System originally created by the Japanese intelligent technology team allows users to gain income from more than 10 pairs of cryptocurrencies, and interest will be calculated daily.

Cryptocurrency service provide JPEX is becoming the benchmark of transboundary cooperation

JPEX, as world-renowned crypto assets service provider, continuously optimizes platform products. Except provide transaction depth and spot trade, JPEX also creatively prompts practical hedging products, for example, Recently JPEX has cooperated with REDHare to promote the first NFT INDEX contract.

Besides actively constructing its own crypto ecosystem, JPEX is also setting forth into many areas. Since the end of 2021, JPEX already collaborated with many renowned football clubs including Macarthur FC、Western Sydney Wanderers, and Western United and became their sponsors.

JPEX also teamed up with the Western Sydney Wanderers to give away 250 exclusively designed NFT “J-ball” and attracted much attention from the market. JPEX is building a “platform plus sport” new ecology around “FIFA World Cup” to deeply empower the platform token JPC.

The giant advertisement spaces of JPEX are all over Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. JPEX is the 1st multinational exchange platform to set up billboards around many countries. JPEX is regulated and licensed to engage in cryptocurrency activities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and other countries. Recently, it successfully applied for a crypto service provider license in Luxemburg, which means it can legally conduct business in many areas. Since last year, JPEX is actively building operation teams all over the world with the base of keeping the platform developing healthily, and the business is also marching into Dubai. Besides, JPEX will open the world’s 1st physical NFT R&D headquarter in Australia. The R&D headquarter is going to open this year to connect the real world with the Web3 world via NFT. A series of layouts of JPEX is setting a great foundation for its globalization strategy.

In a word, JPEX is the crypto ecology with the fastest pace in globalized layout. It is also using real action to promote the deep integration between the crypto world and the traditional world, to make more people know, acknowledge, and get in touch with the platform, and finally become sticky crypto investors. JPEX’s launching the VISA debit card with Simplex is also a milestone for the development of JPEX’s ecology, and hopefully will bring a huge number of users and improve brand awareness.




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